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Pride of Myanmar Awards

We believe that Myanmar-Born diamonds in the rough are awaiting to be discovered as they shine through to the world.

“The Pride of Myanmar Awards” is founded to discover, recognize, and celebrate these budding & thriving new age Myanmar born men and women who have the drive and capability to make their mark on a global platform.

With the vision to become the most prestigious award giving body in Myanmar, we recognizing talents across these 7 categories of excellence; Arts & Literature, Business, Civic & Social, Entertainment, Fashion, Sports, and Social Media Influencer of the Year.

The winners from each category shall be awarded in their home soil and receive the much coveted title of “Pride of Myanmar”.

The Board of Governance

About the Board

We highly value Myanmar pride and recognizing talents who has put Myanmar on the world map is a reflection of much importance and value we give to this pride.

The Pride of Myanmar Awards.

We are in search of the most excellent talents with the help of the most respected and distinguished icons who shapes and steers Myanmar’s society today. They create not only the very fabric of Myanmar today but also paves the way for its future.

The qualification for these awards is sky high, but it’s a path worth pursuing.

The Pride of Myanmar Jury

About the Jury

Our panel of Pride Of Myanmar Awards Jurors are well selected and represents the various categories in which we will recognize some of Myanmar’s finest. They are well accomplished and have outstanding contributions in their own right within their own fields making them Myanmar’s most distinguished icons.
Their role as Jurors is to gauge and verify the relevance, credibility and strength of the potential nominees in each category against the set parameters of the awards. They will grant scores to the final nominees selected in each category and verify the compounded scores (together with the Pride Of Myanmar Awards’ Audit Firm) from jury and public voting.

Awards Criteria

Burmese Descent

Burmese descent born or born in Myanmar and definitely representing Myanmar.
May or may not be living in Myanmar as of the moment.
Male or Female, Cap Age is 50 Years Old.

Recognition Performance

Arts & Literature

  1. Number of international global awards received
  2. Number of PR mileage
  3. Number of international exhibitions
  4. Digital reputation: Google words, FB likes, digital footprint


  1. Business done ethically & legitimately
  2. Minimum size of the business USD10M or 100 employees
  3. Recognition on positive impact to Myanmar’s society (CSR)
  4. Creating a disruption in the category
  5. International exposure
  6. Revenue per employee (take out)
  7. Adopting global technology & practices and upgrading the industry
  8. Coverage over country
  9. Digital footprint

Civic & Social

  1. Number of social recognition received globally
  2. Contribution to society
  3. Humanitarian causes / achievements
  4. Coverage (number of beneficiaries/ impact)
  5. Social, Environmental, Social


  1. Number of local awards in Myanmar received
  2. Number of international global awards received
  3. Digital Reputation (Size of fan base (Social Media)
  4. Adopting global standards and upgrading the industry
  5. Social influencers


  1. Number of international global awards received
  2. Taking local fashion, globally
  3. Representation in local media
  4. Digital Reputation
  5. Creating an independent fashion brand/business (retail franchise)
  6. Number collections


  1. Representing Myanmar in global platforms
  2. Number of Medals earned in Global/ Local games
  3. Number of Fanbase
  4. Award Teams or Individuals
  5. Duration of the career

Social Media Influencer of the Year

  1. Number of Likes
  2. Number of local awards in Myanmar received
  3. Number of international global awards received
  4. Influencer scope (Number of followers, engagement rates, reach)
  5. Recognition on Myanmar’s positive contribution to society (Advocacies)

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